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Collaborating globally to make traumatic stress research data more "FAIR"
The Global Collaboration on Traumatic Stress is working to make research data in our field more Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Re=usable (FAIR).
PACT/R publication: All about the archive
Curious about what is in the PACT/R archive and how it was created? Read all about the development and current contents of the PACT/R Data Archive in a newly published paper.
PACT/R publication: Latent classes of DSM-5 acute stress disorder symptoms in children after single-incident trauma
A group of doctoral students and early career researchers gathered at the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ESTSS) meeting to collaborate in creating a "Paper in a Day" making use of PACT/R data.
Doing our bit to "Make scientific data FAIR"
A new commentary in the journal Nature argues that "all disciplines should follow the geosciences and demand best practice for publishing and sharing data".
Paper in a Day at ESTSS will use the PACT/R Data Archive
Paper in a Day fosters collaborations between young researchers from around the world, stimulating connections and exchange of ideas by working on a tangible outcome: a brief paper or commentary for a peer-reviewed journal.  This year, Paper in a Day at ESTSS will make use of a unique research resource - the PACT/R Data Archive,  Interested participants should apply by 15 April 2019 (seats are limited; first come, first serve).
Search PACT/R studies & variables - Try the beta version
During the ISTSS Annual Meeting (7 - 10 November in Washington DC), we've made the beta version of the searchable portal available. Click "Explore PACT/R Data" above to find a link.