Child Trauma Data Archives Team

Based at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the PACT/R Data Archive is a broad collaborative effort of child trauma researchers around the world. Collaborators share the vision of creating a research resource for the child trauma field that will enhance the value of child trauma studies by sharing and preserving data, allowing integrative cross-study analyses, and promoting the use of common data elements.

The following colleagues are members of the PACT/R Expert Advisory Group. Many are also data contributors to the Archive.  Coming soon - expanded Expert Advisory Group for the Child Trauma Data Archives.

Nancy Kassam-Adams, PhD - Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and University of Pennsylvania - US  (PACT/R Principal Investigator)

Eva Alisic, PhD - University of Melbourne - Australia

Douglas Delahanty, PhD - Kent State University - US

Sarah Halligan, PhD - University of Bath - UK

Rachel Hiller, PhD - University of Bath - UK

Justin Kenardy, PhD - University of Queensland - Australia

Karestan Koenen, PhD - Harvard University - US

Annette La Greca, PhD - University of Miami - US

Betty Lai, PhD - Boston College - US

Markus Landolt, PhD - Children's Hospital Zurich and University of Zurich - Switzerland

Meghan Marsac, PhD - Kentucky Children's Hospital and University of Kentucky - US

Richard Meiser-Stedman, PhD - University of East Anglia - UK

Reginald Nixon, PhD - Flinders University - Australia

Patrick Palmieri, PhD - Summa Health System - US

Glenn Saxe, MD - New York University - US