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What is involved in preparing a dataset for submission? 

Investigators who are contributing data to the Child Trauma Data Archives

  • provide information about the study and how data were collected,
  • prepare a copy of their dataset with individual participant-level data using standard variable names and formats, and
  • complete an agreement to share data with the Archives.

The CTDA team works with investigators at each step of the process.

If you are interested in contributing data to the Archives, contact the team at  


What about ethics approval?

Studies from which data are drawn must have been conducted with appropriate ethics board approval (for example, IRB approval for US-based studies). We require documentation of this approval as part of the data submission process. Depending on local or national regulations, the act of submitting de-identified (anonymized) datasets to the Child Trauma Data Archives may not require approval by an ethics board / IRB. It is the responsibility of the original investigator to determine whether such approval is required by their institution's ethics body, and if required, to secure approval for submission of their dataset to the Child Trauma Data Archives.