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Understanding CTDA Data: Standard Variable Names And Values

PACT/R datasets include individual-level data from prospective studies of children exposed to acute, potentially traumatic events.

CTPT datasets include individual-level data from studies that assess prevention or treatment of the impact of child trauma exposure.

When data are contributed to either Archive, the Child Trauma Data Archives team works with contributing investigators to apply standard variable names and values for many common variables.

CTDA has established standard names / naming conventions for variables including: 

  • Study-level information - e.g., study location, study group
  • Demographic characteristics
  • Trauma & event characteristics
  • Medical care and physiological measures
  • Trauma history variables
  • (for CTPT datasets) Variables related to intervention content and delivery
  • Item-level variables from measures of traumatic stress and other relevant outcomes

View the Child Trauma Data Archives Project Data Manual.