Assessment measures used in PACT/R datasets

Datasets in the PACT/R Data Archive come from studies that used a range of different measures for traumatic stress, other mental health symptoms, functional impairment, pain, and other key constructs.

See tables below for basic information on measures that appear in one or more PACT/R datasets:

  • child traumatic stress
  • exposure to trauma or life events
  • broad measures of child behavior- COMING SOON
  • quality of life / functional impairment - COMING SOON
  • child anxiety - COMING SOON
  • child depression - COMING SOON
  • child pain - COMING SOON
  • child cognitive processes - COMING SOON
  • coping / help-seeking / social support - COMING SOON
  • family processes - COMING SOON
  • parent traumatic stress - COMING SOON
  • parent other mental health symptoms - COMING SOON

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