Request PACT/R data

An important aim of the PACT/R Data Archive is to make data available for secondary analyses by qualified investigators. We welcome inquiries from investigators seeking to understand the development of psychological sequelae in children exposed to potentially traumatic acute events.

If you think you may be interested in using PACT/R data to address a research question:

  1. Explore PACT/R data to learn about what’s available and identify data elements that can address your specific research question.
  2. Contact the PACT/R team to let us know of your interest. (childtraumadata [at]
  3. Complete an online form to request data (link will be provided by the PACT/R team).

Investigators requesting data will complete an online form to provide the following information:

  • Specific data elements requested
  • Inclusion / exclusion criteria for datasets or cases
  • Research question(s) to be addressed
  • Investigator’s relevant training and experience. (If a trainee, describe supervision arrangement and supervisor’s relevant training and experience.)
  • Describe measures for data security.

… and will be asked to sign the following statement:

  • I agree to utilize data received from the PACT/R Data Archive only to address the research questions identified in this application. I will communicate with the Archive Steering committee about any substantive changes / modifications to these planned analyses.  I agree to acknowledge the PACT/R Data Archive in presentations and publications that result from analyses of these data.  I commit to maintain data security, and to take appropriate precautions to prevent inadvertent identification of individuals whose data is included in the Archive.  I understand that I may not re-release data obtained from the Archive to others.

Granting access to data

Each request for data is reviewed by the PACT/R Data Archive Steering Committee, made up of 3-5 investigators who have contributed data to the archive.  

The Steering Committee uses the following criteria for granting access to data from the Archive

  • Stated research question(s) are in keeping with the overall aims of the PACT/R Data Archive, and can be appropriately addressed with the data requested
  • Requestor has the training and experience to conduct the study (or trainees have appropriate supervision, documented with supervisor signature)
  • Requestor describes appropriate measures for data security.
  • Requestor must agree to acknowledge the PACT/R Data Archive in presentations and publications.
  • Requestor must agree that s/he will not re-release data obtained from the Archive to others.