Datasets in the Child Trauma Data Archives

The Child Trauma Prevention and Treatment (CTPT) Data Archive is currently in development.  Information on CTPT datasets will be updated as available.

What is in the Prospective studies of Acute Child Trauma & Recovery (PACT/R) Data Archive?

  • (Currently) 32 datasets from prospective studies conducted in 5 countries, from 1992 to the present
  • Data from more than 5500 children and adolescents (ages 2 and older) exposed to acute trauma
  • Most common trauma types: Disaster, Injury, Road traffic accidents, Interpersonal violence, Acute illness.

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All datasets in the Archive have:

  • Data that were collected prospectively after acute trauma
  • In children or adolescents (ages 0 through 21)
  • Children identified based on trauma exposure, not based on development of post-trauma difficulties
  • Assessments of risk / protective factors and traumatic stress or related outcomes at a minimum of two time points

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